How much does it cost to open a 4Cats studio?

The cost will depend on the term of the agreement, the size of the studio, number of classrooms and the necessary renovations.

How long does it take to open a 4Cats studio?

On average 2-3 months including training and set up depending on space availability. 

What if I didn't go to art school?

Are you creative? A formal arts education background is not necessary as we work with you in our intensive art school training program.

How would you describe the ideal 4Cats Franchise Partner?

We look for energetic, creative people who fit into our family culture, with great attitudes, who are multi-talented, with different skills and interests. We are looking for versatile, flexible, creative leaders and self-starters who love art.  We are looking for people who understand the importance of following systems and procedures and adapt easily to change. 

How does the process work?

  1. First application - approx.  7 days response time
  2. Skype interview –if first application accepted, video skype call with Studio Experience Team Leader.
  3. Second application –after first interview, if approved, request second application
  4. Second interview –video skype call with Operations Team member reviewing the second application
  5. Subsequent interviews - with Executive Team
  6. Franchise agreement & disclosure document request 
  7. Franchise fee and documents returned – high five! Welcome to the 4Cats family!
  8. 10 day in person training 
  9. Go home & scout locations– approved by home office, once location is secured.
  10. Set up – approx. 4 weeks
  11. Support – ongoing support with a studio experience team representative
  12. Grand opening! – let's get this party started - Studio Experience Team representative will be there too!