Next training dates: January 15th to January 24th | 8 Spaces available

Step 1: Art school + Business school

10 day training working in a Vancouver corporate studio for in studio operations training and practicum.

Vancouver is a wonderful arts community, surrounded by beauty, art and the 4Cats culture.  Training in Vancouver allows for your immersion into learning and into the creative process.  You will spend time connecting, building relationships and getting to know the 4Cats team.  



Business & Operations

  1. Business – we will be spending time together learning about really fun stuff like branding, cash flow, spreadsheets, marketing, administration, logistics, business planning & running a 4Cats studio.
  2. Leadership - mission and values alignment, management, team building skills and professional development.
  3. Operations –be introduced to 4Cats studio standards, scheduling, staffing models, class management system and future site selection guidelines and approvals.
  4. Curating – an introduction to 4Cats teaching methods & techniques.

Art & Systems

1. Art School – our intensive art training program makes it so that formal arts experience is not required. 

  • colour theory

  • art history

  • acrylic painting

  • drawing 

  • clay and sculpture

  • silkscreen

  • printmaking

  • watercolour

  • clay wheel

2. Working studio experience – teach classes, parties and workshops.  See the operations and logistics in action.  Learn to maintain the studio's high organizational standards, educate our guests regarding our high quality products and services.  Learn to maintain the studio's hive atmosphere, assist with the facilitation and organization of all facets of studio parties, community events, staff events, field trips and public relations.

3. Retail training – learn how to deliver the best, most fun experience in all guest services.



  • accommodations not included
  • meals are not included. There are local grocery stores and lots of yummy restaurants in Vancouver.
  • you are responsible for all of your own travel costs. 



Step 2: Go home & secure location :)

We are here for you!  During the site selection process you will be researching and working hand in hand with the Studio experience team.  Regular meetings via skype discussing possible studio spaces until you find "the one". 


Step 3: 5 days in your studio training & grand opening